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06 January 2013

The Girl Effect, Part 29 - Update on India

image via Indian News Agencies

I've continued following the news about the young victim of rape in India since news broke. Unfortunately, life got in the way and I'd been unable to blog about the situation until today

Since my last post, the young woman did pass away due to her injuries being so severe.

Her body was flown back to India and buried, her family and friends are now in mourning.

The reaction of the nation however, has been quite interesting. There have been riots and protests, and speculation that the students of this generation are pushing for political change and finding their voice in this terrible time of great need for women to be valued. Social Justice is becoming a rallying cry, and men who are perpetuating India's rape culture are being called out on it.

It is my hope, that this is where NGOs can step in and offer a support system and build up the victims and their families, and that no more women feel the need to commit suicide due to the unspeakable horrors  they are subjected to, as detailed in the Girl Effect Post # 22.

Below are the updates on the story. I will continue to follow it, and update as appropriate.

The six men responsible for the rape attack in Delhi, after which they threw her off the bus, included a bus driver, a vegetable seller and a gym assistant. They had grown up in deeply conservative parts of rural India before moving to the capital.
The rape has triggered widespread protests and calls for ensuring the safety of women who are subject to sexual harassment ranging from groping to rape everyday across India.
Deutsche Welle: India rape victim's condition deteriorates
The case has received blanket coverage on cable television news channels. The woman has not been identified but some Indian media have called her “Amanat”, an Urdu word meaning “treasure”.
“As of 9 p.m. Singapore time on Dec 28 (1300 GMT), the patient’s condition has taken a turn for the worse. Her vital signs are deteriorating, with signs of severe organ failure,” Mount Elizabeth Hospital Chief Executive Kelvin Loh said in a statement on Friday.
France 24: India gang-rape victim's condition deteriorates

The unnamed victim had already undergone three abdominal operations and suffered a cardiac arrest in India prior to her flight.
Hospital chief executive Dr Kelvin Loh said she also has an infection of the lungs and abdomen ...
SKY NEWS: India Gang-Rape Victim 'Struggling Against Odds'
Investigators say the physiotherapy student was beaten with an iron rod, raped by six men in a bus, and left for dead on the side of the road the night of Dec. 16.
The demonstrations demanding justice for the victim reflect not only the public revulsion at the brutality of her attack, but also the simmering rage over the prevalence of sexual violence in India.
NPR: Indian Rape Case Ignites National Debate On Abuse Of Women
Several thousand riot police were again on duty on Thursday to prevent a group of around 500 people, mostly women, from marching on the presidential palace.
"We want justice," the protesters chanted, with some demanding the sacking of the Delhi police chief for authorising the use of teargas and water cannon at previous protests.
AlJazeera: India rape victim 'takes turn for worse'

Thousands of police were deployed across India's capital on Saturday following the death of the unnamed medical student. Authorities closed 10 metro stations and banned vehicles from several main roads in the city amid fears of further violent protests.
Hundreds of people are gathered at two locations in the heart of the city, although the day's protests have so far remained peaceful.
Deutsche Welle: India braces for violence after death of rape victim

A young Indian woman who died after being gang-raped on a bus has been cremated in the capital, Delhi.
The ceremony came hours after a plane chartered by the Indian government brought her body back to the city.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the head of India's governing Congress party Sonia Gandhi were at the airport...
The private funeral was held amid tight security.
 BBC: Delhi gang-rape victim's funeral held
 Six suspects have been arrested and are to be formally charged with rape, assault and murder on Thursday when their trial begins, Delhi Police spokesman Rajan Bhagat said. If convicted, the accused could face the death penalty.
Deutsche Welle: Indian rape victim cremated in New Delhi
A juvenile ... was the most violent of all the attackers... Because of his age, he is the only one of the six who cannot be sentenced to death if found guilty. He will be tried in a juvenile court...
However, the maximum sentence the juvenile can receive under existing law is three years...
International Business Times: Delhi Gang Rape: Youngest Attacker 'Ripped out Victim's Intestines with Bare Hands'
 Public anger has swelled since the December 16 attack. The victim, who was reported to be a medical student, boarded a bus with a male friend after visiting the cinema. The six men aboard the bus, including the driver, allegedly conspired to attack the woman. She was gang-raped, beaten and ultimately thrown from the vehicle. The bus driver has been accused of trying to run over both victims.
Deutsche Welle: India charges men accused in gang rape case 
Protesters furious at the impunity enjoyed by sex offenders in India were given a first indication that attitudes may be starting to change on Thursday when police in the north-eastern state of Assam arrested a prominent local politician who had been set upon by a group of women accusing him of rape. The politician was later suspended from his duties.
France 24: Indian women strip and beat politician accused of rape

The large-scale protests triggered by the gang rape of a 23-year-old student in New Delhi has renewed debate over the rise of a new urban middle-class activism in India....
The new activism isn’t allied to any political party, and whether it will be sustainable or effective without a unifying agenda or without reaching across caste and class barriers remains unclear.
Christian Science Monitor: Could gang-rape protests mark beginning of an age of activism for India? (+video)

On Friday, the male companion of the victim in the Dec. 16 attack, interviewed on camera by TV channel Zee News...
"Several auto rickshaws, cars and bikes slowed down ...Nobody from the public helped us..."
About 45 minutes after being dumped on the road, three police vans arrived ... It took at least two hours the time they reached a hospital...
"Even at the hospital we were made to wait and I had to literally beg for clothes. I borrowed a stranger's mobile and called my relatives,"
The Wall Street Journal: Friend of India Rape Victim Criticizes Police Response

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